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The Heath-board is a fun and exciting interactive creative tool, which, through the user’s touch and movement, produces instant audio and/or visual responses. The Heath-board with a paper or canvas attached to its surface can be used with a karaoke machine allowing the user to hear sounds produced as they draw or paint. In real time, the artist hears the results of their actions.  An echo effect is added for excitement and also to encourage the artist to experience the next action and resulting sound.  This has significantly increased both excitement and attention span in many of our young artists.  The Heath-board, when used with the Heath-board software on a computer, can convert the user’s touch and movement on the board to trigger any sound and/or image file in real time.  These files can be triggered randomly or sequentially based on the amplitude of the touch or movement of the user.  Any sound or image file can be installed in custom sets for specific needs.

Walter Heath, who works with children with autism at Colonial Intermediate Unit 20, had a vision.  Walter is an artist, educator and a true innovator. While working with these very special children, he developed an art program called “Free the Artist”.  The program started with a small group of six children.  It was so successful, the program is now in 32 Autistic Support classrooms serving 200 artists with autism.

In September of 2006, Walter saw the need to find a company to manufacture and market the HEATH-board.  This need led to the birth of Easi Education, Inc., owned and operated by John Abel and Lucy Eron. John serves as Production Manager and Technical Developer.  Lucy is the Financial, Business and General Manager of Easi Education.  David Heath is a programming wizard who designs all the computer programs, and Bahereh Khodadoost is a creative consultant. Sienna Mae Heath is the voice for the alphabets and numbers on the software.  Walter continues to serve as an advisor for the company. 

Heath-board Team has taken Walter’s dream for Special Needs Children and turned it into a reality. By keeping our motto, It’s All About the Kids as our motivator, who knows what new innovative products we can create.

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